Mother’s Day 2022 Gift Guide

I might be biased but mom’s have the hardest job IN THE WORLD so please, spoil the mom in your life everyday but especially on Mother’s Day…

What we want:

Self Care – This can take the form of a spa experience, makeup, skincare, reading a book uninterrupted, taking a bath etc…The gist here is to give us some time to do whatever it is we want to do without being asked a question or taking care of anyone besides ourself for an extended period of time.

Jewelry – Take whatever you would spend on flowers and put it away to save for a piece of sentimental jewelry for mom. The options for personalized jewelry are abundant and can accommodate any price range.

Relaxation – Something frivolous the helps mom wind down. A favorite coffee, tea, bottle of wine, CBD product.

Sentiment – If you have a young child get them involved. Get on Pinterest and find an age appropriate craft for them to participate in. Effort counts.

Appreciation – We do a lot. Like a lot a lot every day. We cook, clean, wipe butts, do so much laundry, grocery shop etc. The list is truly endless. Making an effort to actively participate in the day to day and give recognition to what mom does is really important & it costs zero dollars.

Where to shop:

For personalized jewelry check out Bauble Bar, The Last Line, Jessica Winzelberg, & Ivy Diamond Cole

For CBD I highly recommend Soul CBD, I love the Happi gummies & take them daily. Code HELLOWHITNEY will get you 15% off anything on the site!

Lastly, I have complied a list for you to easily shop a ton of other options here…

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