What You Need For Travel With a Baby Or Toddler…

Gone are the days of traveling light! Make peace with it now, traveling with your kid requires a LOT of crap. These are my must have items for a more seamless travel day & trip-

  • I always opt to bring my own travel crib vs something that the hotel might provide. My reasoning for this is twofold, 1 is that Wylder is already familiar with our travel crib so it makes that initial adjustment that much easier and 2 I know it works with the Slumberpod which is essential for sharing a space with a baby/toddler while traveling.
  • The Slumberpod looks like a tent you place OVER you childs crib. It blocks out all of the light in the room so you can still easily share your space during naps or nighttime. There is a pocket for a fan (although we didn’t need it) as well as a pocket for your monitor. We used our Nest camera and it worked perfectly.
  • A bottle warmer will make life so much easier during feedings & as an extra plus you can use it to heat up left overs for you child’s meal or snack. I put left over rice and beans into a glass and popped that into the warmer for a couple minutes. Works like a charm.
  • Travel Highchair
  • Silicone Bibs – So easy to rinse off and sanitize.
  • A compact travel stroller
  • Sound Machine
  • Any and all meds you might need plus things like nail clippers etc. Never underestimate how difficult it can be to find what you need in a pinch.
  • SNACKS! Bring any and all pouches, puffs, bars, crackers, oatmeal etc. This saves so much time and money while traveling especially if you’re picky about what snacks you like to feed your child OR if you have a picky kid.

I hope this helps make your travel day/trip more seamless! Below are links to my favorite products as well as links for everything listed above.

XO, Whitney

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