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My Everyday Jewelry

Whenever I post a picture or story on Instagram I get a ton of questions regarding my jewelry. First of all, thank you, I never knew I was fashionable until now and I am just so flattered you all appreciate a mix matched vibe as much as I do. My approach on jewelry is very simple-I wear what I like and it doesn’t matter to me if its a $1000 piece or a $10 piece. I love to mix and match high end piece with super affordable (which is actually the concept that birthed my little side project Lo Hi Goods).

Please check out this video for a full explanation of everything I wear day to day:

Hope that answered all your questions regarding me earrings and necklaces for you and if not feel free to leave a question in the comment section!

Once again, thanks for making me feel cool.

XO, hellowhitney


The Last Line 14k Gold Heart Hoop

The Fete Yin Yang Earring

Loren Stewart Safety Pin Earring

Loren Stewart Mini Heart Safety Pin Earring

The Last Line Mini Rainbow Flower Stud

Loren Stewart Herringbone Necklace

Logan Hollowell Gemini Constellation Necklace

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