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My guide to doing almost nothing in Maui and having the best time ever while doing it.

If you’ve followed me on Instagram over the years you probably have noticed that I love Maui. I have been going there for years and consider it to be one of my 2 happiest places (the other one being Idaho but that is an entirely separate post).

There is truly nothing not to like about Maui; It has gorgeous scenery, nice people, beautiful/clean beaches and stunning weather. Visiting Maui is truly a special treat and I love nothing more than sharing what makes me happy with my friends. Yes, sometimes I want to be stingy and keep things for myself but then I remember this; When people are happy they’re less likely to be assholes and I don’t like assholes. So, welcome to my Maui guide; my contribution to saving the world from one asshole at a time.

Travel to, from & within the island

The first thing to remember when booking your travel to and from Maui or any Hawaiian island is that there is a time change. The Hawaiian islands are on HST (Hawaiian Standard Time). From Los Angeles, that means that depending on the time of the year Maui will be 2-3 hours BEHIND LA. I always like to take this into consideration when booking my travel because so many hotels and resorts generally cannot accommodate you until 4pm on check in day. I don’t like landing too early and having to hang out in my airplane clothes in a hotel lobby but maybe that’s just me.

Maui recently started to allow Uber and Lyft to pick up at the airport which is a big deal. Until recently you either had to have your hotel coordinate transportation for you, get a cab or rent a car…It should be noted that renting a car from the airport in Maui is one of the biggest cluster fucks I have ever dealt with in my life. You have to wait for an undetermined amount of time to take a packed shuttle (my nightmare) to a separate location to wait in more long lines to eventually get your car- Obviously the worst possible way to start a relaxing trip to paradise. The ONLY company I can recommend is National, there is never a wait and the cars are much better quality than the other options available which are generally dirty, stinky and not functioning at 100%. National is more expensive than the other options but there is a reason and that reason is they’re not a piece of garbage.

Its worth checking to see what your hotel charges for overnight parking and if its included in the daily resort fee. We stopped renting a car and opted for Uber because our hotel charged so much per night for parking. Uber/Lyft has been great for us on our recent trips because we don’t leave the area of the resort much. If you plan on going on hikes, adventuring through Hana or wanting to explore the whole island you might just have to bite the bullet and pay the price for the convenience.

Where We Stay

I highly recommend staying in the Wailea area of Maui over Kaanapali. I have stayed multiple times in each area and definitely prefer Wailea for the more mellow, less touristy vibe – I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that Wailea isn’t touristy because it definitely IS but it’s less than Kaanapali.

We LOVE The Andaz and have stayed there multiple times. It’s the newest hotel on the strip of beach that is home to the Four Seasons, Grand Wailea, Fairmont, etc. The staff at the Andaz are great and the hotel is very nice without being pretentious. Another big draw for me in terms of this hotel is that it’s not a “kids” hotel. There are no waterslides and gimmicky pool attractions which drastically cuts down on the amount of pre pubescent screaming my ears have to endure.

A few things to note about The Andaz

What I do In Maui

I am NOT a vacation activity person. I do not wake up at sunrise to hike dormant volcanos or zip line through forests or any crazy shit like that. You can totally do all of that and more in Maui but if you’re looking for recommendations on those kind of activities I am not your resource. My idea of a dream vacation consists of walking up and down the beach, eating, napping, drinking and more eating – I have been known to dip in the ocean or wade in the pool but that’s about it.

Road To Hana

We have done this day trip once and what I can tell you is that it’s a LONG beautiful drive on a very narrow road. If you’re an adventurous spirit who wants to jump off waterfalls or hike through vegetation you might love it. I am happy I did it but I don’t think it’s something I really ever have to do again. IF you do decide to take the drive definitely wake up EARLY and go before everyone else gets on the road (I’m talking leaving your hotel by 6AM early). Bring food. If you’re prone to motion sickness definitely bring something for that because that road is a fucking nightmare if you get carsick. If you have the time in your trip I think it would be cool to break the trip into 2 days and stay the night in Hana, I only know of the Travaasa Hana as far as hotels but it looks GORGEOUS. If you do the trip in one day plan on it being an ALL day trip, like 9 hrs.

Beach Walks

I honestly think that this might be my favorite thing about going to Maui. The Andaz is on a great stretch of beach with sands that extend a little more than a mile. At least once a day we walk up and down the beach. It’s what I do for my daily workout and if you go early enough, when the tide is low, you can catch some tide pools with a few little creatures lurking around like crabs, urchins and sea anemones. Also, lots of cute dogs run up and down the beach accompanied by owners with epic tans who look a little like this –

It’s MAJOR and for your information it’s the future I am praying for for myself, Travis and Zero.

Laying Out By The Pool

Am I really including “laying by the pool” as an activity? Hell to the yes I am. Like I said earlier, if you want to know about holding your breath for a really long time underwater or rock diving this isn’t your blog. I hate to toot my own horn but I am GREAT at vacationing. What I mean by this is that I am truly exceptional at relaxing, I have it down to a science. All you need is to pack a bag of all your relaxation equipment, like your book, external phone charger, sunscreens, hat etc. Hunker down for the day; Nap, eat, drink lots of Mai Thais and Pina Coladas and go for a couple walks. If you get hot take a dip in the pool but other than that it’s ALL about chilling the EFF OUT. Sometimes, if I’m feeling inspired I’ll get up and walk around the different pool decks, go into the bathroom and make sure I’m not getting a sunburn or play the occasional round of bingo, but mostly I’m all laying there like a slug. Give yourself a break, you probably deserve it.


Yes, drinking is also an activity and let’s just be honest with one another, we go on vacation to drink during the day and say things like “It’s fine. I know its only 11am but I’m on vacation”. Or, “Of course I should have a breakfast cocktail. It’s vacation.” Need I say more? And don’t you dare start to fucking judge me, I won’t apologize for being fun.

Where To Eat

Finally, the subject we have all been waiting for. The most important part of traveling, the best activity no matter where you are in the world; EATING GOOD FOOD.

*photographic evidence of how delicious the Mai Tai’s are at Monkeypod.

photo credit @animalvinny
photo credit @ululanishawaiianshaveice

A couple extraneous food tips to mention:

Mochi Waffles from The Andaz Breakfast Buffet

I truly hope that everyone who reads this gets a chance to visit this magical Island. It is truly so special to me and amazing. I also hope that you don’t read this and decide that I’m essentially just a glutinous, lazy wino but you know what, MAYBE I AM.

Aloha, bitches.

XO, Hellowhitney

Oh and ps. I made a travel vlog a few years back that covers a lot of these recommendations and many more so be sure to check that out too!

***Bikinis pictured are from @triangl, @billabongwomens and @we_are_hah

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