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How To Stave Off The Hangrys In Los Angeles

Chances are that if you are a living, breathing human-being you’ve been a victim of the Hangrys. You know, that feeling when you’re so incredibly irritable that the sound of someone sneezing on the street sends shudders down your spine and you wonder how much attention they REALLY need. Or when you pick a fight with your significant other because you just don’t think you can go on in this relationship if they don’t start squeegeeing the shower doors like you asked. Or like, you’re in traffic on the freeway and the person in front of you isn’t racing like a bat out of hell to the car in front of them so naturally their mother is a bitch and you wish them a premature death (we’ve all done it. Don’t lie to yourself). Bottom line is that being Hangry turns you into a fucking monster and its not a good look on you, sorry but someone needed to tell you. Luckily for you, if you live in LA or are visiting, I can save you from yourself and maybe even save your loved ones and strangers from you.

Breakfast & Brunch:



I could go on forever and definitely plan on doing a post devoted to snacking but I will save that all for another day. I truly hope you enjoy these recommendations, buddies! Happy eating.

XO, Hellowhitney

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