Oh Shit…I guess I’m a blogger now…

Well, here we are. In a place I never EVER thought I’d be…My own blog. To be honest, the word makes me shudder inside and I am grappling with a mix of shame, embarrassment and what the fuck ever-ness. I went to a psychic once, her name was Carris. Well, she wasn’t so much a psychic as she was someone who read astrological charts and did tarot (she loved Elvis and polar fleece but i digress). She told me I would have a blog, I literally laughed in her face. I can hear her right now, maybe its her psychic abilities astral projecting into my brain, but she is screaming “WHO’S LAUGHING NOW BITCH?”. Ok, now that we have all of that out of the way, thanks for coming by. This is where i plan to keep all my travel recommendations, food nonsense and skin care and product information. I am consolidating it all here in the hopes of making it a one stop shop! I hope you love it and if you don’t please just lie to me and say you do.

 XO, Hellowhitney.


  1. Bitsy

    Yes!!! This is way overdue and a godsend for those of us who can’t get enough Whitney in our daily Instagram stories and posts.
    Don’t forget about live Instagram! It has been ages since you’ve done that and that was lots of fun! XO


  2. Found Wanderer

    Hey Whitney!

    I’m so happy for you! Welcome aboard! ☺️✨

    Ps – I would love to send you a customized piece of jewelry from my handmade crystal jewelry line! Think about it as your first little blog collab?

    Kacey Royer


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